NSF-61 Certification for Lee Free© Products - Lee Brass

NSF-61 Certification for Lee Free© Products

Lee Brass Receives NSF-61 Certification for Lee Free© Products

Anniston, AL

To meet the California and Vermont requirements for low lead brass fittings in potable water distribution assemblies, Lee Brass introduces our Lee Free product line. Our full line of domestic threaded brass fittings, unions and flanges as well as our full line of domestic cast solder fittings, unions and flanges is available as LEE FREE.

To order Lee Free parts, use our existing product part numbers and add the suffix “LF”. Price sheets for Lee Free parts are available on this web site under our literature tab.

California Health and Safety Code 116875, subd. (b), as specified in SB 1334, Stat. 2008, c.580 and Vermont Senate Bill S.0152 provides a stringent “lead free” requirement for potable water systems.

NSF-61 certification satisfies the requirements of the above stated legislations. Lee Brass, a U.S. company with a history of quality, supported by a state of the arts metals lab, processing controls, machining and testing capabilities has accepted the challenge to offer low lead fittings for potable water systems which will ensure continued compliance with NSF-61.

Lee Free products manufactured at Lee Brass are made with a copper base alloy that contains less than 6% zinc. Dezincification IS an issue with low lead products. According to accredited research, any part that contains more than 85% copper and less than 15% zinc is IMMUNE (not resistant) TO DEZINCIFICATION. Lee Free products fall within those parameters.

You can rely on Lee Free parts for use in a safe and healthy potable water application anywhere in the United States. O.E.M.’s can also rely on us for commercial cast parts using our Lee Free process. Lee Free is a trade mark protected brand.

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