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OEM Copper Based Castings

Lee Brass provides complete service from design engineering to shipping. We assure quality workmanship and stellar service. We control every step in the casting process for our customers. Lee Brass is a worldwide provider of brass and bronze castings to original equipment manufacturers in a full range of applications. Our modern completely equipped pattern shop is manned by our professional staff of expert pattern makers. Our foundry utilizes automatic and semi-automatic molding lines, which allow us to produce over two million pounds per month.

At Lee Brass, we can simultaneously handle many different alloys, including no-leads, and we are able to quickly shift from one job to another. Our customers receive top quality products at competitive prices.

Lee Brass® Castings for Original Equipment Manufacturer

Lee Brass has been casting and machining low lead alloy components for Original Equipment Manufacturers for over 40 years for a wide range of applications. These products range from shower and faucet valves to domestic and international fire hydrants which can have up to 15 pounds of Lee Brass castings in each hydrant. Lee Brass, in Anniston Alabama, has roughly 500,000 sq. ft. under roof, and our dedicated employees assure quality workmanship and service through every step in the manufacturing process from pattern making all the way through machining and assembly. Although Lee Brass is a high volume casting and machining supplier, we are also able to competitively meet your low volume needs or even provide prototype sand casting requirements.


Lee Brass offers all this and more to our Original Equipment Manufacturing customers:
• Automatic Molding Centers
• Metallurgical Laboratory
• Engineering Design Staff
• In-house Pattern Shop
• Value Added In House Machining & Assembly
• Research & Development Departments
• Traceability of Heats



Automated trim presses and a wide variety of cutting and grinding equipment with Wheelabrator shot blast machines to provide the most cost effective means for cleaning varying types of casting designs.

• Full Inspection and Quality Control






Machined castings can be air tested underwater to assure only quality castings reach our customers.

• Pneumatic Testing
• Hydrostatic Testing


Casting Capabilities

Lee Brass is committed to delivering the finest quality products and services to our customers while respecting the environment.

Vertically Parted Molding

Our Disamatic is believed to be the only vertical brass molding center in the United States. It is a high speed fully automated molding machine that can supply your high volume needs. The Disa produces smaller, high volume castings for our customers.

• 15 7/8″ x 19 7/8″ pattern plate size
• Castings up to 15 pounds
• Casting up to 16 inches in length

Horizontally Parted Molding

Robert Sinto FBO3 – Two fully automated molding machines will accommodate your larger casting needs. In many cases, we can adapt your existing pattern to run on these machines.

• 20″ x 24″ pattern plate
• Castings up to 30 pounds
• Castings up to 20 inches in length






Fully automated core machines that use cold and hot box applications. We can convert your core boxes to accommodate our machines.

• Shell
• CO2






We have a complete in-house pattern shop for producing new patterns, repairs and preventative maintenance on your equipment. We can convert your equipment to accommodate our molding facilities.

• CAD Inventory/Master CAM
• Casting Design and Layout
• Metal, Urethane and Wood Pattern Making

Made in the U.S.A.

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