Sil-Braze & Copper Nickel - Lee Brass

Sil-Braze & Copper Nickel


Lee Brass provides a durable bronze pipe fitting to join Iron Pipe Size (IPS) red brass, copper and copper nickel pipe or tubing. There are no threads to weaken the joint, and the full depth of the cup of the fitting is brazed to the tube. Flagg-Flow Type “A” Fittings have a streamlined interior. This interior design reduces turbulence. Close tolerances in the machining of the cups ensure rigid support and a thorough bond. Flagg-Flow Fittings (MIL-F-1183), when properly brazed to pipe or tubing, provide a connection which is stronger than the pipe or fitting.

Our development engineers can design, manufacture and test new products and we are Level 1 Qualified.

The Flagg-Flow Weld (FF-W) copper nickel were developed in 1990 to answer the Navy’s requirement for a class 400 CuNi Socket Weld Fitting.

Our engineers worked very closely with NAVSEA and the major shipyards to coordinate the product evaluation and testing requirements.

In 1992, the U.S. Navy approved the FF-W products for use wherever Class 200 or 700 CuNi tubing to MIL-T-16420 is permitted. This includes the “Fire Hazardous Areas and Systems.” FF-W Copper-Nickel cast socket weld fittings meet all NAVSEA and ABS dimensional and material requirements. Testing and other procurement requirements are in accordance with Mil-Standards.